Genealogy is fascinating, it is an auxiliary discipline of history that gives us the opportunity to explore and discover a treasure trove of past experiences directly related to us. For over 14 years I have worked in genealogy making it my area of expertise. This has given me the opportunity of having clients in Europe and America mainly, who have given me the honor and the satisfaction of helping them research their roots, breaking brick walls in their research such as apparent dead-ends, doing the palaeography of old documents and helping them receive a nationality, in their psycho-genealogy studies, or belonging to a nobility association or chivalry order.

Our services our clients always receive more than what they expect, in genealogy there are surprises in every corner and its use is more diverse than people usually know.

I will sum up the importance and benefits of genealogy and researching your roots:

  • Psychogenealogy: many psychological disorders originate from genetic issues such as deficiencies of some chemical substances in the brain, others found their origin in negative family habits or customs that have been transmitted for several generations. Therefore, the psychological study should not only refer to the patient as an isolated individual but also cover several generations prior to the patient. Doing a psycho-genealogy study allows to obtain data on these issues and how to solve them or treat them correctly. Psychogenealogy focuses on the need to explain the behavior, orientations and other components of the psyche of the patient in issues that have been inherited. This requires the combination of a genealogy specialist and a mental health professional. 
  • Social: some of our clients eventually find living relatives with whom they reconnect thus strengthening blood ties. The relationship grows in a such manner that they make yearly events with hundreds of people assisting and presenting new discoveries about their ancestry or presenting updated family trees. Sometimes adopted children wish to know more about their birth parents and origins.
  • Nobility Orders and Associations: Some of our clients know after our research that they are viable to belong to a nobility institution. Requirements vary but proving and documenting the nobility of their agnatic line is mandatory for most of them. These orders are ancient and prestigious and we are experts in preparing the dossiers and delivering them to the legitimate order or association you wish to belong to. Besides the notorious prestige and social status of their members most of these nobility association make acts of charity to diverse causes making it also a noble and satisfying life experience. Also, a genealogical and nobility dossier is mandatory in case you wish to succeed to a legitimate nobility title.
  • Legacy and Inheritances: Genealogical studies made by an expert are required to provide proof of legitimate heirs to a family inheritance.
  • Nationality: some countries, for example Portugal grant nationality to the descendants of Sephardim Jews. A genealogical study made by us provides the evidence and genealogical relation that our clients needed to obtain the certificate that the Israeli Communities grant to obtain the nationality. 

Genealogy will also help you answer:

Where do I come from?

Why am I here?

What is going to happen to me?

What legacy am I going to leave?

Photo by Laura Fuhrman on Unsplash.

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