Published on the 13th of July, 2021.

Last year (2020) I proposed to the professor Martín Rodríguez Rojo, the cultural association he presides called “Amigos de Reinoso” and to my friend Charly Benito to place a sign in the town of Reinoso de Cerrato that would contain information or a short biography about the knight Gutierre Pérez de Reinoso (1120-1185), and that I would cover the costs of manufacturing and installation.

I have written about Gutierre in my book and there is an article about him here. Carlos Manuel Reglero de la Fuente, historian and medievalist, wrote also a article about said knight that I highly recommend.

Five days ago Charly sent me the pictures of the R-shaped sign in the two places that they think would look the best.


In the background, the Monte Reinoso.

Next to a bench ready to receive the weary traveller.


Next to the church of La Asunción that was built in the 14th century. A hypothesis of mine is that it was built on top of the ruins of the ancient church of Santa María where the sepulchre of Gutierre was located and that is mentioned in the records. If not, I assume it must have been close to this one.


Between Castilian roses.

The sign has a small bio of Gutierre. On top a detail of the Battle of Navas de Tolosa in which his descendants fought (according to Luis de Salazar y Castro). Right: Coat of arms of yours truly. (Lordship of the Solar de Tejada). Below: QR code directing to the Wikipedia page I wrote of Gutierre.

Gracias, Charly.

The pictures can not be shared without permission.