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The first line that forces us to include the genealogical antecedents from the point of view of Psychogenealogy is what we call the transgenerational effect and that is nothing more than the transmission of a psychological inheritance from other generations. It is important to recognize that in the vast majority of cases the antecedents -no longer exact or even approximate- are necessarily known by family members and the affected person, so what the Psychoanalyst or Mental Health Counselor calls psychological inheritance is not always possible to bring to light of the anamnesis «medical history of the client / patient»; in most cases it is necessary to ensure that a genealogist with completed studies related to the subject «Diploma Genealogist» carried out in any renowned Institution and work experience, performs an investigation that includes at least until the fourth generation of the family of the patient but with an emphasis on the school, educational, social, medical and behavioural antecedents of the generations studied.

It is also necessary to have a reliable and professional person that will be useful to the Therapist or Mental Health Counselor (Psychotherapist) to complete the anamnesis that includes an expert in behavioural personality analysis in the background study group. We will then have the most complete possible background of the client/patient. Normally, the expert in behavioral personality analysis is part of the professional team of the Certified Genealogist or of the Behavioural Psychotherapist.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash.

These psychological inheritances can sometimes be the cause of alterations in the behaviour of the client/patient that psychological therapies cannot always bring to light and thus cause a delay in the progress of the therapeutic plan. The best example is when a person unconsciously reproduces the same behavioural disturbance found by their previous generations, such as sudden and uncontrolled anger by triggers that are not really related to the magnitude of the response.

Knowing the hereditary history of the client/patient can influence the type of therapy to follow (Psychoanalyses, CBT focused on solutions and the like).

Dr. Guillermo Reynoso Palomar

Psychotherapist specialized in PTSD and CBT.

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