Antiguo e Ilustre Solar de Tejada

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SOLAR de Tejada

[/gem_custom_header][gem_divider margin_top=»100″][gem_textbox content_background_image=»32780″][vc_column_text]The Solar de Tejada is a lordship located in the mountains of Cameros, granted in the year 844 by Ramiro I, King of Asturias and León, in favor of Don Sancho de Texada, Lord of the House Cadina, Master of Field and General in the legendary battle of Clavijo (Cameros-La Rioja). It is currently one of the last vestiges of the Castilian lordship of Behetria of lineage, the only one that remains since the ninth century. The Lordship of Tejada was not affected by the decrees of abolition due to having the consideration of being a territorial lordship which binds their owners by blood.

The Ancient, Noble, Illustrious House of Tejada enjoy as many graces, privileges, exemptions, immunities and privileges that are applicable today, of those that were granted, recognized or confirmed by all the Kings of León, Castile and Spain since King Ramiro I, as well as in particular, the right to use the Coat of Arms of the Solar that is described in the Royal Decree of Henry IV of Castile, given in Valladolid on September 10th, 1460, being ratified in the Real de la Vega de Granada by the Catholic Kings on July 8th, 1491 and by the other Royal Successors and Heads of State, and confirmed by His Majesty Don Juan Carlos I by Royal Order of February 18th, 1981. It is the only contemporary recognition by the Spanish public authorities of the nobility of blood or hidalguía.

Royal Confirmation of the Solar de Tejada by the Catholic Kings.


Granted in 844 by King Ramiro I of Asturias to his relative Sancho Fernández de Tejada, General in the mythical Battle of Clavijo that occurred, according to legend, in May 844. This award, which was given to Don Sancho and his thirteen children, included a series of privileges of nobility for them and their descendants, among others the use of a coat of arms and also the vigilance of the newly created Camino de Santiago, guarding it from their castles of Viguera and Clavijo.

The legendary Battle of Clavijo.

Although for a long time it was believed that it had been constituted according to Germanic law, later studies proved its nature to be eminently of Castilian juridical essence because its origins are very close, if not a paradigmatic example, of the old Lordships of Behetría. An original and singular form in which both men and women had the right to receive in inheritance the share that corresponded to them and whose property and jurisdiction overlapped on several stately levels. According to the legend King Ramiro I of Asturias and Leon granted this Lordship in proindiviso for the descendants, without distinction between males and females, of the thirteen children that Don Sancho de Tejada had with his wife Nuña Gundemara of the House of Toral. Seven children settled in the Solar de Tejada -understanding the Solar term as the oldest house of a lineage-, another five returned with their father to their lands of origin and the youngest along with 12 Galician Knights constituted the Solar de Valdeosera , with whom we share history and coat of arms.

The original jurisdictional territory of the Solar de Tejada, in the lands of Camero Viejo in the term in Laguna de Cameros (La Rioja), large in origin, was reduced by different circumstances to the 550 hectares that currently has and continues as property undivided of its «Señores Diviseros» along with the ancient Cadina House.

It is one of the few Lordships that survived the complex political situations of the nineteenth century and the abolition of those that promulgated the Constitution of Cadiz in 1812. The Solar survived by adapting itself to the circumstances and forgetting archaic jurisdictional rights, but maintaining its identity and roots in the area, as well as its traditions, lands and its unique privilege of nobility.

The privileges of nobility and use of coat of arns granted in principle to their Lords and Ladies have been confirmed by all the Kings of Spain to this day and as such the Solar de Tejada is inscribed in the chapter of «Señoríos y otros Dignidades/Lordships and other dignities» of the Official Guide of Grandees and Nobility Titles that periodically publishes the Spanish Ministry of Justice.

…With the presence of the dossier presented by the Ministry of Justice, at the request of you, the Mayor of the Ilustre Solar de Tejada and its Board of Knights Diviseros Hijosdalgo, in request of the confirmation of the grants and prerogatives that were granted to it by Don Ramiro I of León, confirmed by other different Monarchs and by my Grandfather Don Alfonso XIII on July 3, 1903, as a reward for the eminent services rendered by Sancho de Tejada and his thirteen children, recapturing during the Saracen domination the land of Clavijo to the frontier of Aragon… »

… Por cuanto con presencia del expediente instruido en el Ministerio de Justicia, a instancia de vos el Alcalde Mayor del Ilustre Solar de Tejada y de su Junta de Caballeros Diviseros Hijosdalgo, en solicitud de la confirmación de las mercedes y prerrogativas que fueron otorgadas al mismo por Don Ramiro I de León, confirmadas por otros diferentes Monarcas y por mi Augusto Abuelo Don Alfonso XIII en tres de julio de mil novecientos tres, como recompensa de los eminentes servicios prestados por Sancho de Tejada y sus trece hijos reconquistando durante la dominación sarracena toda la tierra de Clavijo hasta la frontera de Aragón…»


The diviseros are registered in 7 Divisas according to the lineage they belong. For the process of admission, a new candidate must prove, through reliable documentary evidence that she or he descends from another Lord of Tejada previously registered in the Solar along with their genealogical record. This process is monitored and verified by the Board of Provanza that is composed by highly-respected experts of Genealogy in the House of Tejada, which will issue a judgment if the process proceeds or not to the inscription of the candidate in the ancient books of Lords of Tejada that are conserved from the 16th century until our days. According to the Royal Decree of Henry IV of Castile, both male and female lines are considered valid, which has led to the expansion of descendants throughout the world. This genealogical archive, uninterrupted since 1569, represents an incomparable historical treasure that testifies the relationship of a great family; the notes of settlement are written in the centennial Libros Becerros.


The Ancient and Illustrious Solar de Tejada has an important historical archive composed of the different royal concessions from the one granted by the Catholic Kings in Vega de Granada in 1491 to this day, diverse correspondence and the Libros Becerros with the genealogy and registers of all its Lords and Ladies. Traditionally, this documentation is secured in an archive located in the Cadina House within the property of the site. The tradition of the custodians of the keys of the archive or claveros is maintained: six diviseros, one for each bordering town, that keep an old key necessary for the opening of the archive’s lock. This requires that to open the archive all the claveros must be present with their respective keys and use them in a precise order and position.

Council of the Ancient and Illustrious Solar de Tejada

The Council is governed by its Mayor, assisted by the Chancellor, as well as by two deputies and a clavero (custodian of one of the centenary keys that must meet to open the Archive) for each of the following towns: Laguna de Cameros, Cabezón de Cameros, Jalón de Cameros, Muro en Cameros, Almarza de Cameros and Pinillos de Cameros.

The lordship is governed by the Council of Lords and Ladies, their owners. Every year, on the first Sunday of October, they meet at the Solar de Tejada house where they discuss matters of interest, such as the lease of the pastures, auction of the annual lots of firewood and other agricultural yields traditionally exploited in the Lordship. In the annual meeting, respecting an ancient ceremonial, the new Lords and Ladies are given a seat, after having demonstrated their connection with other diviseros that were already received in the secular Libros Becerros.

On January 2015 the Boletín Oficial del Estado (Official Gazette of the Kingdom of Spain) published the declaration as BIC (Good of Cultural Interest, protected by the UNESCO) of the Lordship of the Solar de Tejada and its council of Lords and Ladies due to its importance to the history of Spain.


The descendants of the Solar de Tejada are many and can be found around the world. Some of its Lords and Ladies are the Duke of Maqueda Francisco López-Becerra de Solé, his son Álvaro Francisco, Marquis of Belfuerte and Viscount of Iznájar, his daughter Soledad, Marchioness of La Vega de la Sagra and his daughter Mencía, Marchioness del Cenete. (lineage Romero from Soto de Cameros). Felipe Juan Froilán and Victoria Federica de Marichalar y Borbón, son and daughter of the Dukes of Lugo, nephew and niece of King Felipe VI of Spain (lineage Sáenz de Tejada). Fabiola de Mora y Aragón, late Queen of the Belgians (lineage de la Peña from Aldeanueva de Cameros) and many others.

requirements of admission:

Present the genealogical dossier and files with the corresponding Hague apostilles. It is mandatory that the dossier proves the genealogical connection from the candidate to his or her ancestor that was received as a Lord or Lady of the Solar de Tejada in the Libros Becerros (1569-2019). The documentation must be composed of birth records, baptism records and marriage records. As support documents wills and patents of nobility can be included. A candidate can descend from the Solar de Tejada via a feminine or masculine line. A fee must be paid to the Solar de Tejada.

Base cost: €1.600 for the elaboration and presentation of the dossier.

If a person requires genealogical research to determine if one of their ancestors belongs to the Solar de Tejada the cost is €80/hour.

MY GENEALOGY Lineage: García-Sancho. Libros Becerros: II-10-80v)
  • María de los Dolores García-Sancho y Moreno de Tejada, Lady of the Solar de Tejada inscribed in the Libros Becerros on the 11th of October 1827. Daughter of Manuel García-Sancho y Moreno de Tejada, Lord of Tejada born in Lumbreras, La Rioja. Great-Aunt of Ventura García-Sancho e Ibarrondo, I Count of Consuegra. Married to José María Palomar y Rueda, Governor of the State of Jalisco, Benefactor and Industrialist, descendant of the Lords of Argavieso and of Knights Maestrantes of Zaragoza.

  • Miguel Evaristo Palomar y García-Sancho. Married to Dolores de Vizcarra y Portillo, daughter of the IV Marquises of Pánuco.
  • José Federico Elías Miguel Palomar y Vizcarra. Federal Deputy. Married to Margarita Escudero y López-Portillo, granddaughter of Jesús López-Portillo y Serrano -Governor of Jalisco, Imperial Chancellor and Prefect of Maximilian von Habsburg; and his wife María Rojas y Flores de la Torre, Dame of the Empress Charlotte von Saxe-Coburg.
  • Guillermo Francisco Palomar y Escudero. Cavalry Lieutenant. Married to Ernestina Aspe descendant of the Aspe y Emparán families.
  • Bertha Palomar y Aspe married to Dr. Guillermo Reynoso Córdova descendant of the Lords of Autillo.
  • Dr. Guillermo Reynoso y Palomar. Ph.D. University of Cologne. Lord of the Solar de Tejada. Married to María Teresa Patricia Márquez y Lozano.

If you wish to know if you are a descendant of the Solar de Tejada or want to know more about the requisites write us at or give us a call.[/vc_column_text][gem_divider margin_top=»35″][/gem_textbox][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=»32735″ img_size=»500×300″ alignment=»center» style=»vc_box_border_circle» css_animation=»none»][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][gem_divider margin_top=»80″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=»stretch_row» parallax=»content-moving» css=».vc_custom_1454070118324{margin-top: -55px !important;}»][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=»stretch_row_content_no_spaces»][vc_column css=».vc_custom_1551696268153{background-image: url( !important;background-position: center !important;background-repeat: no-repeat !important;background-size: cover !important;}»][gem_divider margin_top=»22″][gem_icon icon_material=»F2F3″ size=»medium» centered=»1″ color=»#ffffff» border_color=»#ffffff»][gem_divider margin_top=»58″][vc_column_text]


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