Published on the 12th of July of 2021

Portugal, 23ºC

It has been some time without sharing something on my blog but there was an important reason for this. -My Keiko went to heaven on the 22nd day of February after bravely fighting cancer. Physically losing your soulmate, albeit not spiritually, is very painful. I lost my other half, my parents lost a daughter and my siblings lost not only a sister-in-law, she was their sister. I was devastated but she remained courageous and I try to follow her example: 七転び八起き人生
Writing about this is complicated to me since I am a fierce guardian of my privacy and that of my loved ones, but I find healing in sharing that she was a great lady and how blessed I was of having her.

I took this picture some days ago

There are also things that I/We on IAGS, have been working on.

1.- One is a top secret project genealogy-wise that is very exciting. I can’t say much but I hope you will enjoy it.

2.- We have been working very hard on the new certificates. They are being illustrated and designed by one of the very best illustrators in Japan. I hope you will love them as much as we do.  We will reveal them in due time. The first one is already sold. The genealogy certificates are signed by the artist. We are also finishing the copyrighting process/idea/designs of these certificates.

3.- Another project that will be ideal for collectors. (Made by collectors, for collectors)

4.- I am finishing the second edition of my book about the Reinoso genealogy that was prologued by the Duke of Maqueda. This is the list of some of the changes/additions:

a) More photographs and portraits of some of the people described there are included. The images are now in color.

b) Some photographs are removed from the Nueva Galicia chapter.

c) The Banu Mirel chapter is expanded with new findings and images of the diplomas are included in which Gutierre Pérez de Reinoso is mentioned.

d) Family trees are included in all sections to facilitate the visual location of the people described and their relationships.

e) The paleography of baptism & marriage records, wills and diplomas is included where appropriate.

f) The biographies of the family members described are expanded, indicating places and dates where appropriate and possible. 

g) Color maps are included.

h) In each section and in parentheses the places where each branch lived are indicated.

i) Genealogies of branches with which the Reinoso were linked are included. For example those of de Lamadrid or the Grijalba, Lords of Villatoquite.

j) New branches are included such as that of the Duchess of Rivas (unpublished before) with all the items and supporting documentation.

k) Where the documentation indicates Reinoso, Reynoso or Reynosso, it is also kept in the book to respect the way it was written.

l) Previously unreleased information provided by my friend Francisco López Becerra, Duke of Maqueda, is included.

m) More documents on the Reinoso Medina of Seville and Portugal are included.

n) The section on the conquistador Francisco de Reinoso y Escobar is expanded.

o) The section of the genealogy of the Córdova Bocanegra Reinoso from which I am also descended, is expanded. 

p) The information on the Cisneros Reinoso of the Viceroyalty of Peru is expanded.

q) The New Galicia branch is separated from that of Antonio de Reinoso y Zúñiga. Now it has an entire chapter.

r) Signatures taken from the evidential documents are included.

s) A new section is included on the Sotelo de Zamora.

t) The Carrión de los Condes chapter is expanded.

u) The chapter on Arias Cenizales is expanded with new and controversial information.

v) In the branches in which there are no baptism certificates and that there is no probative documentation, it is indicated as such, hoping that in the future this documentation will come to light.

x) The information on the Palomino and Cárdenas de Andújars is expanded.

y) Summary tables of conquerors, settlers, holders of noble titles including consorts, knights and those held as converts by the Holy Office are included.

z) A section is dedicated to the Japanese Luis de Encío.

aa) Some recent generations are eliminated.

bb) Branches are expanded in America: for example Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina.

cc) A chapter corresponding to the genealogy of Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear Pacheco, President of Argentina, is included. 

dd) Where applicable: colored coats of arms of both the central lineage of study and their spouses.

ee) A chapter is dedicated to Solar de Tejada and to the genealogy of some of its Reinoso diviseros (Some of the information has been provided by Tomás Rubio de Tejada y Fernández, mil gracias por tu apoyo).

ff) An onomastic index is included.

gg) A toponymic index is included.

5.- I am writing also two -short, documented and to the point- books about genealogy with new information about these families. I finally found the origin of some of them and I am excited to share my findings hoping to be of use to colleagues and people interested in genealogy.

Estudios genealógicos sobre familias de España y Portugal Vol. 1

– La familia de Francisco de Villegas (Portugal).

– Los de Ávalos y Saavedra.

– Los Temiño de Velasco.

– Los Sotelo.

– Los Rojas y Sandoval.

Estudios genealógicos sobre familias de España y Portugal Vol. 2

– La familia de Leonardo Romero Maldonado.

– Alonso Arias Maldonado.

– Los Padilla Dávila.

– Los Reinoso Medina de Portugal y Sevilla.

– El contador Hernando de Mújica.

– Los Flórez de Salamanca

6.- I am also preparing my dossier for the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Zaragoza. Personally I think that preparing a dossier to an elite corps is one of the toughest tests in genealogy.

One of the flowers of the garden. She loved flowers.

I am beginning to see the silver lining and I firmly believe, it has something to do with the beautiful and playful angel I have in the sky.