Hiro Usuda

La famosa artista japonesa diseña nuestros certificados exclusivos

Our Exclusive Certificates of Ancestry

Designed by Hiro Usuda, who has participated in many projects as a digital artist, including the video games Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays. She has illustrated the Japanese version of the online game «Perfect World». She has also illustrated for «Cardfight! Vanguard», «WIXOSS», and «Sangokushi Taisen TCG» card games. She also did the image art for the symphonic metal unit LIVMOON.

Her career

Website: http://hirousuda.weebly.com

Freelance illustrator / Artist
Part-time lecturer at an overseas school (Taiwan).

Joined KONAMI in April 1999, primarily in charge of 3DCG design.

Main Works:

«Silent Hill 3» (Background modeling artist) (Visual effects artist)
«Silent Hill 4: The Room» (Room designer)
«Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater» (Background modeling artist)
«Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence» ( Artist: character modeling unit, online mode)
«Elder Gate» (background modeling artist)


November 2006:
Becomes a freelance illustrator.

February 2015:

She worked as a project partner for about half the week.

She was in charge of about 200 illustrations for a certain set of highlights.
Working as a freelancer continuously.

Retired from SEGA in November 2017.

She returned to work as a freelance illustrator and part-time occasional teaching.


Main images

Perfect World «MMORPG main visual, character illustrations, etc.
CD cover and booklet for» Yggdrasill Minstrelsy «/ Frontier Works & Voltage of Imagination

Exhibitions, invitations to events

Works exhibited at the 65th World Science Fiction Convention and the 46th Science Fiction Convention of Japan Nippon 2007.
Gave a lecture as an international guest at the American convention «Nekocon15».
Guest lecture at AnimeNext2013, USA
Works exhibited at Comic Expo Jeddah – Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia.
Speaking at the «Art & Horror» event organized by Bi: creative, an English art circle at the University of Tokyo on October 28, 2019.
https://www.komabatimes.com/post/when-horror-met- art- art-circle-bi-hosts-its-12th-event
The fourth «Meeting of digital artists! https://www.too.com/fun/cgcad/report/952

Juegos de Cartas

Ilustración TCG de Dimension Zero «de Broccoli
WIXOSS «TCG Tarot series, ilustración de cartas / Takara Tomy
Ilustración de la tarjeta Sangokushi Taisen TCG «/ SEGA
¡Cardfight! Vanguard «ilustraciones de tarjetas TCG / Bushiroad
Fang TCG «, ilustración de cartas de Upper Deck Japan
«Transformers: Heat Scramble Card Game System» TF-00 Transformers Booster ZERO / ilustración de la tarjeta
Tercera expansión de «Wheel of Fortune»: Two Swings of Fate – / Ilustración de cartas / Square Enix y Taito
Ilustración de tarjeta Zombie World Order «/ Bandai
Weiss Schwarz «Persona 3» / ilustración de tarjeta / Bushiroad

Medios de comunicación:

Revista de arte del Reino Unido «ImagineFX77», DVD con tutorial de ilustraciones incluído.
Ilustración de la revista de arte británica ‘ImagineFX número 71’.
Revista de arte chino ‘Fantasy Art’, ilustración y entrevista.

Ilustraciones de portada de libro:

La serie Elenium. David Eddings, Hayakawa Shobo, los 6 volúmenes Ilustraciones de la portada del libro.
La serie Tamuli. David Eddings, Hayakawa Shobo, los 6 volúmenes, ilustraciones de la portada del libro.
«Serie Junna Matsuura» de Kazuhiro Uraga / Kodansha, los 9 volúmenes, ilustraciones de la portada del libro.
Las flechas del emperador, etc., de Mahoro Furuno, / Kodansha. Ilustraciones de portada de libro.
The Book Hunter «, etc., de Tuyoshi Akagi, / Kodansha. Ilustraciones de libros.
Serie Operation Ark «, escrita por David Weber, Hayakawa Shobo, los 3 volúmenes. Ilustraciones de la portada del libro.
El guardián enmascarado del Imperio «por Sabaa Tahir, Hayakawa Shobo, los 2 volúmenes. Ilustraciones de la portada del libro.
Manga Matrix «. Ilustraciones de la portada del libro.
Sword and Sorcery: The Legendary War «, Instituto PHP / Ilustraciones de la portada del libro.
Shining Force Cross «La colección de datos visuales y mundiales Diseño e ilustración de vestuario especial / Hobby Japan
Luna «escrito por Mikio Okimizu / Kobunsha / Ilustraciones de la portada del libro.
Kodansha Mephisto (revista literaria) «Ilustración de la serie Book Hunter
Shosetsu Gendai «, La Diosa Bestia, Kodansha. Ilustraciones de la portada del libro.
«LOGiN» Número de febrero de 2007: Hime ★ Vestido de verano de Fes 2007 «LOGiN» Número de septiembre de 2007: Hime ★ Traje de baño de Fes 2007
LOGiN «Febrero de 2008» Hime ★ Fes 2008 «Ropa fina / Ilustración de Enterbrain

Versión visual de las ilustraciones de «Armas en el mundo mítico ARCHIVO» de Gakken Publishing Co.
SENGOKU BUSHO: ¡Cuanto más sepa, más interesante! Impact, editado por Mikasa Shobo, 46 ​​ilustraciones monocromas. 

Ilustraciones para música

Symphonic metal band «LIV MOON»/Victor/Image illustration
Cover illustration for Setsuna’s «HEAVYGRINDER
Image illustration for Akiko Shikata’s «Istoria Subbook
Cosmos Sky Orchestra» pamphlet illustration
Devil ANTHEM./»Days» Official Audio illustration
Jacket illustration for «AdamKadomon (Doujin)» series

Ilustraciones para juegos

Iris card for «Emil Chronicle Online
Some character illustrations for «Orx Online» / Asobimo
Costume design, illustration and 3D modeling for «Elysia Online» /Asobimo
Main visual of «Petite Chronicle Online» HP / Asobimo
Image illustration for «Child of Light»/UBIsoft
Card illustrations for «Rage of Bahamut» and «Shadowverse»/Cygames
Rhodes Island Warfare: The Legendary Heir» Character Illustration/GameOn
Character illustration for «Fortesia» / SEGA
Emperor’s Saga» card illustration/Square Enix
Sangokushi Ranbu» Card illustration/Square Enix
STAR GALAXY» card illustration/Square Enix
Character illustration for «JUDAS CODE» / tri-Ace
SENGOKU HIMEGAMI Valkyrie» card illustration/Ark
«Dragon’s Shadow» card illustration
Card illustration for «Sengoku Shura SOUL»/Creek and River Co.
Historica of the Sea of Time and Space’ card illustration
Card illustration for «Crystalia in the Sky» by CyberAgent
Character design and illustration for «Cosmic Ball
Card illustration for ‘Phantasika of the Counterattack’ / Silicon Studio
Card illustration for «Sky Galleon of the Blue Sky» / G-mode
Dragon Tactics’ card illustration
Card illustration for ‘Period Zero’ / TAITO
Soul Kaiser of Glory’ card illustration
Card illustration for «Cross Legend»/Silicon Studio
Card illustration for «Teikoku Senki» / Sakura Soft
Card illustration for ‘FINAL REBELLION



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