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Forget-me-not is a series in our blog about ancestors and relatives. Its purpose it is not only to remember our loved ones and their stories but also to provide tips, mention the challenges we can find while researching and links of interest.

In the following list you can find our articles:

  • María Rojas y Flores. Dame of the Empress Charlotte of México.
  • Luz Vizcarra y García-Teruel. Marquise of Pánuco.
  • Píoquinto López-Portillo y Pacheco. Physician.
  • Charles-Louis Sandrié-Vincourt, a Parisian bookseller.
  • The Captain Vicente Capmany.
  • Charles-Michel de L’Epee (The father of the deaf).
  • Juan de Puelles y Sanz, descendant of El Cid Campeador.
  • Petronila de Moctezuma.
  • Dolores García-Sancho y Moreno de Tejada. Dame of the Solar de Tejada.
  • Nuño Núñez de Villavicencio y Prado. Knight of the Order of St. John.
  • Martín Goñi de Peralta, descendant of the House and Palaces of Goñi.
  • Diego Temiño de Velasco, Mayor of Temiño.
  • Jacinto Hurtado de Mendoza y Florencia.
  • Ignacio Fernández de Córdova y Silva, Physician and Writer.
  • Pedro Cristóbal de Reynoso y Mendoza, I Lord of the Maroteras, Knight of the Order of Santiago.
In this series from our blog I will write about how my career in genealogy began and my experiences in this area.


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