Digital Nomad Visa to Spain

It’s a visa for foreigners who want to live in Spain and continue working, may it be as employees or as self-employed for companies that are outside the country. 



The requirements that have been established in this Law for this new visa and authorization in Spain are as follow:

The existence of a real and continuous activity for at least one year for the company or group of companies with which the worker maintains a labor or professional relationship.
Documentation proving that the employment or professional relationship can be carried out remotely.
In the event of the existence of an employment relationship, the employment relationship between the worker and the company not located in Spain with whom they maintain said relationship must be proven, for at least the last three months, as well as documentation proving that said company allows the worker to carry out the work activity remotely.
In the event of the existence of a professional relationship, it must be proven that the worker has a commercial relationship with one or more companies not located in Spain for at least the last three months, as well as documentation proving the terms and conditions in which who is going to carry out the professional activity remotely.


Tax Benefits

15% Income Tax instead of 25% up to the first 4 years.

Family Members

Visa holders could bring close relatives to Spain, including spouse and children.

N0 property requirement

Unlike some visa options that require you to show proof of accommodation or ownership of property, such as a Golden Visa, the digital nomad visa does not.

Safe transit throughout the European Union

As a resident of Spain, the Visa allows the holder safe transit and short stays on any of the other 26 members of the European Union.

Startups Law 28/2022

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